Recorded at Glebe Collegiate on Friday, September 23. This “Lock-u-mentary” includes a collage of comments from cast, crew and members of the audience at the beginning of part 1 and the end of part 3.

Hosted by Alex Munter, and featuring the following speakers and musical performers in order of appearance: Arthur McGregor, Heather Menzies, Sen. Jim Munson, Ian Tamblyn, Marion Dewar, Henna Sodeen, Ember Swift, Mayor Bob Chiarelli, Luba Goy, David Halton, Nubia Cerme, Coun. Clive Doucet, Julian Armour, Mighty Popo, Shelagh Rogers, Jennifer Noxon, Anthony Germain, Arthur Lewis, Baobab Youth Performers, Gil Levine.

Notable members of the audience: Coun. Alex Cullen, Coun. Diane Deans, Coun. Diane Holmes, Ed Broadbent MP, Richard Mahoney, Paul Dewar.

Electric Sky, in cooperation with The Canadian Media Guild, Ottawa, is proud to host the recordings of Locked Out Live by the locked out CBC talent in Ottawa. is including these files in its Podcast feed. To limit storage and bandwidth requirements, the shows are being made available in mono only.