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Bye, bye

In response to Amazon’s decision (something they’ve called a “glitch” in their swift and misguided damage control campaign) to remove books about gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transsexual lifestyles from their...

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Commentary on episodes

During the month of August, I will be recording commentary on a small selection of my own podcast productions that are near and dear to me for any of many reasons. These recordings will be published on my blog site,...

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Episode delay

This week’s episode of Electric Sky is heavy on the editing and production side. As a result, I will be publishing this week’s episode in the evening of Monday, March 26. Thank you for your patience.

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Server and feed problems

I had some pretty severe server problems yesterday – Friday, December 8 – which resulted in all sorts of problems, most of which were resolved around 5amET today. As a result, most of my sites were down, and my feeds...

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Electric Sky goes to Afganistan

Thanks to Jill Pyle for alerting me to this… Canada AM ran a piece this morning about the ‘Red Fridays’ organizers having created some scrapbooks to document rallies they organized and inspired, and media...

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ES2 is moving

Some time ago, I figured out how to use the category-casting feature of the PodPress plugin.  It was the perfect motivator for me to create a second, category-based feed for Electric Sky.  I called that feed ES2 and used...

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Transcripts available

I am gradually rolling out transcripts of all of my Electric Sky Podcasts. I am launching this new feature today with the release of the transcript for my interview with Stewart Copeland. I will add transcripts to the existing...

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The rebuilding begins

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, good wishes, and offers of help. My family and I have been touched by the generosity and concern. I have begun replacing what was stolen and hope to be back in production in a week or...

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