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Category: Locked Out Live signs off

It was a bittersweet moment when I read Tod Maffin’s post, THE FINAL POST: And that’s it for me, on the website this morning. That site took a life of its own during the CBC Lockout and evolved into...

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CBC and CMG strike a deal

The CBC and CMG have finally struck a deal. I think I speak for almost all of Canada when I say… “Congratulations! We can hardly wait for you guys to get back on the air.” It will be interesting to see the...

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Ottawa Speaks Out, September 23

Recorded at Glebe Collegiate on Friday, September 23. This “Lock-u-mentary” includes a collage of comments from cast, crew and members of the audience at the beginning of part 1 and the end of part 3. Hosted by Alex...

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Get ready for round two

The voters have spoken. The finalists for Locked Out Idol are: Ian Black (41 votes)Michael Munnik (29 votes)Darrell O’Dea (23 votes)However, Darrell is on his honeymoon and is not able to participate in the next round. So,...

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No shows today

The Ottawa folks are moving to a weekly show format. So, there is are no shows to post today. To limit space requirements, and due to a small number of downloads, I have removed the Radio Cadenas shows for August 24-26, 29 and...

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Removing old Radio Cadenas shows

Due to storage requirements, the passing of time, and a relatively small number of downloads, I will be removing the French Radio Cadenas shows for August 24-26, 29 and 30 by 6pmET on September 6 (Tuesday). I expect to remove...

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