One of the biggest problems that I have faced as a new podcaster, is trying to nail down a vision for my show – something I didn’t consider when I first decided to get into Podcasting. This isn’t easy because the most interesting format to me is the magazine format. However, I have enjoyed the process of putting together what I will call a storycast – something I did by accident in show 8, and apparently did well.

How does one unify those two very different formats? I mulled this over, and combined it with some comments made by some fellow Podcasters. The result is that I decided to treat Electric Sky as though it is a station, and break out my two styles into different shows.

Today, I unveiled the first of those two shows (both named by a very smart woman); a short-format show called Portrait. Each installment of Portrait will focus on a single event or theme which I will package in 10 minutes or less and release at least once a week. Landscape will be a long-format show, any installment of which could be magazine, documentary, or investigative, and will be packaged in 30 minutes or less, probably only once or twice a month.

So, what is visual insound? A very smart man told me that radio is the most visual of all mediums. I agree. Using my new format, I hope to introduce you to new ideas, new people, and new music. Recognizing that I need a way to describe my new format and my Podcasting vision, I played with some words a bit, and changed insight into insound and made it visual. Voila… visual insound!