Podcasters Across Borders, the first large-scale gathering of Podcasters to be hosted in Canada, is just one month away. If you aren’t registered yet, register soon – there are only twenty two spaces left!

See you there!! Accident Hash, AndyCast, Audio Popcorn, Barry from Barrie, Beyond Science Podcast, Bob and AJ Show, Broca’s Area, Canadian Podcast Buffet, Caravan Unlocked, CatFish Show, Check This Out!, Chub Creek, Country Music Cast, Cubicle Divas, Deys Cast, Dicks & Janes, Digital Detroit Radio, Electric Sky, Fortrel, Geek.Farm.Life, Growing Enthusiasm, How to do Stuff, in over your head, Inside PR, LibriVox, mostlytunes, My Marilyn, NACOcast, OCRIRadio.com, Ottawa Local Podcast, PodcastPSA, Quirky Nomads, ROFLcast, Shane and Tom’s Squeezebox, Sonic Society, Spaceship Radio, Swing is in the Air, Tangents, The Comicology Podcast, The Mr. Nice Guy Show, The Oka Zoo, The Public Service, The Sniffer, The Toronto Indie Scene, The Twisted Wrist, The Zedcast, theWatt, Thunderbird Six, Todbits, Toronto Independent Music, Two Boobs and a Baby, Uncle Seth, and Zee and Zed.