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Category: Podcasting

Check your iTunes subscription

I had some problems with the iTunes page for Electric Sky in July.  After almost two weeks, iTunes identified a problem on their end and corrected it.  That fix has apparently broken all of the iTunes subscriptions to...

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What is Electric Sky?

ELECTRIC SKY produces Podcast programs that feature engaging, creative and critical ideas and great music. PORTRAIT is a weekly, short format Podcast that offers a narrow field of view about a particular subject, person, event...

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The One has arrived

For me, terrestrial radio’s model of linear listening (as Tod Maffin describes in an article on his site) has become increasingly difficult to accomodate. Even more so since I became a voracious consumer, and producer, of...

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It’s official. I am now producing three podcasts! My latest Podcast initiative, Growing Enthusiasm, is about adults and children discovering life and was launched last night with the release of our Tobogganning...

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Growing Enthusiasm launch coming

As if two Podcasts aren’t enough, I’m about to embark on another Podcast project. Growing Enthusiasm is a new podcast that will be launched in the next week or so. It’s about the discovery of life, for the...

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CBC Podcasting Survey

The CBC is running a podcasting survey to better understand how it should develop its on-demand strategy. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. Please take the time to complete the survey and help the CBC create a...

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Please tag my Frappr map

Well, since everyone else seems to be setting up Frappr maps to find out where their listeners are, why shouldn’t I? I would appreciate it if you could tag my Frappr Map with your name, location and even a picture....

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