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Category: Landscape

Making All In A Day

Join me as I shadow the All In A Day team while they put together their show on June 15, 2005. Hear how the team plans the show, prepares interviews, selects music, makes production decisions, goes to air, and deals with...

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Locked Out Idol (part 1)

The much anticipated Locked Out Idol competition has finally arrived. Hear some of your favourite Ottawa voices go head-to-head in this cut-throat and hillarious competition for the ultimate prize… to be crowned the idol...

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The Penance-Cast

Did you catch them? I made two incredibly bad, and embarrassing, mistakes on the I Want My CBC I produced yesterday. On this show, I seek forgiveness for my sins… my penance-cast. Introduction Seeking forgiveness from...

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I Want My CBC!

On this, the inaugural edition of Landscape, I stop in on the locked out CBC talent to see if I can sign up a co-host. Show ID and Intro Alan Neal Laurence Wall Rita Celli Alistair Steele Julie Delaney Michael Munnik Lucy van...

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