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Author: Mark Blevis

Interview with Marian van der Zon

I grew up with a romantic view of radio pirates; ordinary people using public airwaves to build communities from locations offshore, from basement studios and from mobile transmitters in the backs of vans. As passionate as I am about radio, I never knew pirate radio had a Canadian scene. Then I found out my good friend Bob Goyetche was a host on CNOT (a Montreal-based pirate radio station) in the early 90s. And then I met Marian van der Zon at the Radio Without Boundaries conference in Toronto last year. At the time, she was editing a book about...

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Surviving and thriving with Andrea Ross

I’ve often heard people say they’re fighting or they’ve beaten cancer. It was a shift in my thinking when, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, my wife talked about healing and being a survivor. Six months, three surgeries and six rounds of chemotherapy later, I understand. Show ID and intro Interview with Andrea Ross You can follow Andrea’s incredibly inspiring online breast cancer journal at The site features regular blog posts from everyone in our family as well as audio podcasts that document various stages of our journey, and videos that celebrate life and fun during a stressful time. Andrea and I also collaborated on the children’s book podcast, now on hiatus. Hey! Electric Sky is five years old!!! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android |...

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