Come on! The publication of this interview is LONG overdue. I originally recorded it on August 24, 2009, just six days before my wife (Andrea) found a lump in her breast — a lump which turned out to be cancer. It’s been a heck of a year. We’re now a happier, healthier us!

I’ve been looking forward to publishing this interview. Besides being related to Andrea’s and my favourite television show, it’s about two people (Neil and Jeff) following their passion, curiosity and creativity to embark on the ambitious Arrested Development Documentary Project (a documentary about the television show Arrested Development). You can watch a trailer for the project here.

According to Neil, “The project has been on hiatus for a number of months, but for good reason, director Jeff got hitched up, married, he took the plunge. In addition, we have been ensuring all our legal ducks are in a row. Too bad Bob Loblaw is not still practicing law, we could really use his legal advice. The project is far from dead, it is just going a whole lot slower than we expected.

This episode of Electric Sky was published as part of the Canadian National Day of Podcasting, initiated by the Canadian Podcast Buffet to bring dusty old podcasts out for a shine for a one-day reunion-like festival on December 1, 2010.

Photo from the Arrested Development Documentary Project photo collection.