What an educational experience! I had the opportunity to observe CBC’s All In A Day team in action as they put together today’s show. I learned an incredible amount about show planning, story selection and development, interviewing, and of course, broadcasting. (UPDATE May 22, 2006: I have produced a documentary called Making All In A Day)

The team was very accommodating, making themselves available to answer my questions and generally talk about podcasting, broadcasting and work experience. Naturally, I got a lot of audio footage so expect a soundseeing tour, which includes great advice and insight, very soon.

I arrived home to discover that some books I had ordered online just two days ago from CBC (CBC Radio Skills, CBC Radio Style Guide, and Storytelling with the Camcorder) had arrived.

As a result of my experiences today, coupled with some conversations I have had with other Podcasters, I will be making significant changes to the format of my show. Stay tuned!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Sarah, Darrell, Mike, Julie, Andy, Linda and Brent. Thanks a million!